You can't help but fall in love with Lindy. A sassy lady, who has the wonderful knack of showing you something new, when you thought you, knew it all.

Lindy's gift of flair, detail, colour and transformational ideas has allowed me to perfect my style for television and media appearances.

A review of my makeup for day, evening and stage - added years of freshness and vibrancy to a tired routine that I needed to break and embrace change.

Lindy is my 'secret weapon'. Just blackberry or text her a message - her response is immediate. No more shopping horrors...you literally have her guiding

you every step of the way.

Lindy's quick tips for accessorizing outfits for television interviews have inspired me, and are very noticeable with the compliments I have received.

With her motivation I have even found the courage to toss out what has been harboring in my wardrobe for for years, maybe decades.

You too can feel like a celebrity by engaging Lindy's expertise in revamping your looks - feel younger, more confident as your strut your stuff for work, play and fun.

Georgina Walker
Celebrity Psychic to the Stars


"As a busy media personality and speaker, I am always looking for someone to assist with my makeup, hair and wardrobe choices.  I met Lindy at a business training seminar and I was delighted to have her assist me when I gave a major talk in Sydney.  That night I was also being filmed for a prime time Australian TV show and I needed to look my best. Lindy did my makeup and advised me on my wardrobe choices.  I was very happy with the results and I appreciate her enthusiasm and attention to detail."

Dr Cheryl Fraser

Media Psychologist