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Men's image consultant

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Men's Image Consultant

Many men don’t appreciate the impact that their image has on their professional and personal success.

Does Image Matter?

Recent polls show that an overwhelming number of Managing Directors cite image as the number one factor that they consider when choosing an employee. And many of them make decisions about you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you. 55% of that first impression is made based on your appearance, 37% on how you sound and only 7% on what you actually say.

Like it or not, people are strongly influenced by your appearance, particularly in those crucial first moments. Judgments are made about how much authority you have, how intelligent or trustworthy you are and how suitable you are for a position or a promotion.

Your image affects the way others behave towards you; whether they trust you with money or decisions; whether to hire or promote you; how much to pay you or whether to buy your product.

First impressions can also be the difference between meeting the person of your dreams and getting lost in the crowd. Is the first impression you’re projecting getting you the success you desire?

Your Image Consultant helps identify the styles and colours that make you look your best and compel people sit up and notice you for all of the right reasons.

Your Image Consultant in today’s competitive world is an investment in your future. Let me help you redefine your image and start attracting the success you deserve.

“Create your visual style – let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others”
Orson Welles

Men's Colour Analysis

A colour analysis is a great place to start. In the colour analysis, I determine the colours and shades that work best for you, taking into account your skin tone, the colour of your eyes and your hair. You receive samples of the colours that best compliment you and a booklet explaining how to wear them.

Men's Style Makeover

During your style analysis, I discuss with you your lifestyle and your job role. We then explore the styles and outfits that best fit in with your life, your personal and professional goals. You are properly measured (something so often overlooked) to make sure that you are choosing clothes that suit your body shape and size.

We discuss all aspects of dress and grooming from accessories, casual and sportswear to ties, hairstyles and business dress ... even the right briefcase for maximum impact.

Don’t worry about forgetting all you’re learning. As part of your makeover, I put together a portfolio designed just for you, showcasing the colours and styles that complement you and your lifestyle and tips on how to put it all together. You also get a personal grooming kit which includes a range of products to keep you looking good such as a lint brush, shoes bag and nail buffer.

Wardrobe Makeover

Are you in Sydney and not sure about what to wear? I help you take stock of what you already have in your wardrobe. We work out which items are not flattering or make you look old, and show you how to best utilize the remaining items. I then sit with you and discuss what additional items would help create the image you want to project.

Men's Personal Shopping

Most men readily admit that they hate to shop. I take the pain out of the process for you, acting as your personal stylist to get the best business dress, casual and sports-wear, ties and accessories to suit your lifestyle and your budget. We start with an easy to answer questionnaire to determine your personal style, before finding the best shops with the right outfits to match you and your lifestyle. You will receive a list of the best stores to suit your needs as well as a shopping guide so you can be confident with future purchases. A personal shopper can help you save time and money finding the perfect outfits in the fastest time possible.

Services & Fees

Professional Colour Service - $225.00

Professional Style Service - $225.00

Wardrobe audit - $250 for the first 2 hours, after that it's $65 per half hour.
Minimum of 2 hours and no more than 4 hours.

Shopping - $250 for the first 2 hours, after that its $65.00 per half hour.
Minimum of 2 hours and no more than 4 hours.

Any other services such as packing and glasses selections is a cost of $125.00 per hour.

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