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STEP 6: Eye Brows

Eyebrows frame your eyes and balance your face. Generally, the best eyebrow shape for your face is the one you were born with. Your eyebrows can be divided into thirds – the inner or ascending third near your nose, the middle arch, and the outer or descending third. The best eyebrow shape gives lift to your eyes and can give the illusion of making a wider face narrower or a narrow face wider.

The trick is to enhance your natural line by tidying up the brows. Be careful when removing eyebrow hairs, as they often don't regrow. Eyebrows are naturally asymmetrical – which means no one has perfectly matching brows. Don't try to aim for perfectly matching brows, as they will look artificial.

Carefully choose the colours you will use on your eyebrows. Your eyebrows shouldn't be too dark or too light. Use more than one colour for the most natural look. To thicken the appearance of your eyebrows, comb your eyebrows down, and fill in any thin areas with an eye shadow applied to the skin. You can also use eye shadow to extend the length of your eyebrow.

Never apply black eye shadow to eyebrows as it ages the face. If your eyebrows are naturally black, remember to highlight under the brows to soften your look.

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