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STEP 8: Blushes & Bronzers

Choosing blushes and bronzers doesn't have to be difficult. Your perfect shade is the colour of your cheeks when exercising or flushed. For a sophisticated look, or to help provide contour for your face, apply two colours – one (e.g. Bronzer) underneath the outer part of your cheekbone and one (e.g. Tawny) on the apple of your cheek. With blush - less is best. Our White Fan Brush will help you to not only see the amount of colour you have picked up, its contoured bristles will help you blend.


PurePressed Blush

In Touch Cream Blush

PurePressed® Blush

In Touch® Cream Blush



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So-Bronze Sunbeam




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Moonglow 24-Karat Gold Dust


24-Karat Gold Dust


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Brush-Me Bronze  

Brush-Me Bronze™



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