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Welcome to Your Image Consultant – Sydney's Leading Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Do you struggle with fashion, unsure of what to wear? Are you feeling frumpy or outdated, but unsure of how to update your look? Are you at a crossroads and want to head in a new direction? Applying for a new job or promotion and want some tips that gives you the edge? Do you want to know about appropriate corporate dress and be noticed for all of the right reasons? Do you just want a makeover to help create a whole new you?

The way we present ourselves to the world speaks volumes to everyone we encounter - including prospective employers, clients, friends and love interests. What image are you projecting to the world?

Let Your Image Consultant help you maximize your potential by calling 9662 2735.  Discover the importance of the right first impression and the benefits an Image and Fashion stylist can bring to your life.

"Style is the image of character." Edward Gibbon

How Your Image Consultant Can Help You Colour Analysis

My name is Lindy and I am a trained colour consultant. I help you learn about what colours work for you, enhancing the inner glow and the vibrancy you possess. Many people may have had their colour analysis done, not realising that our colours and pigments change as we age. If you haven’t had an image or colour analysis done in a while, let Your Image Consultant get you up to date.

Your Image Consultant conducts both women's colour analysis and men's colour analysis.

Makeup Makeover

Are you still wearing the same makeup you were using 10 years ago? Not sure if you’re applying it the right way?

Choosing the right makeup begins with knowing the right colours for your skin, hair and eye colour. As part of your make-up makeover, I show you which makeup works best for you and how to apply it using a simple step-by-step makeup routine.

Style Makeover

The right style of clothing can make you look kilos lighter, younger and more confident. With a style analysis I help you learn the styles of clothing that best suit your body shape and personality, and insider tricks to look out for when buying new clothes so you get maximum wear from each garment. We conduct both women's style analysis and men's style analysis.

Wardrobe Makeover

Most people wear less than 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe. With a wardrobe makeover
I work with you to do a wardrobe audit – taking stock of the clothes that you have, eliminating those that don’t fit, and items that don’t bring out your best. We find those hidden treasures that with just a bit of adjustment can be stylish and become signature pieces once again.

We’ll identify the styles that you need to fit in with your lifestyle, and how best to put them together. I’ll help you unlock the secret to getting the most out of your existing wardrobe and suggest new items that bring it up to date and showcase the new you. Both men and women can benefit from a fashion makeover.

Image ConsultantsYour Own Sydney Stylist and Personal Shopper

Are you tired of looking at a wardrobe full of clothes and still having nothing to wear? Would you like an unbiased friend when you shop, to take the hassle out of finding the perfect outfit for your style, or to create your look for a special event? With me as your personal stylist or fashion stylist, both men and women have an unbiased authority to help you shop for the clothes that are perfect for you. Let me help you to choose clothes that make a great first impression and leave you feeling confident.

Personal Luggage Organiser

Do you always pack the wrong things when you travel – or pack too much or too little. Your Image Consultant can help you take the hassle out of travel by packing for you. You can be confident that everything you take flatters you, is multi-functional and is the easiest care while you travel. I can even arrange for the bulk of your luggage to be sent ahead of your plane, waiting for you when you arrive so you can breeze through airports with only carry-on bags. It's all about making your next trip enjoyable and easy.

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